Annual Pie Night


Pie Competition.

Yes! Potluck!… and Pies to be judged on taste, innovation*, aesthetics, humor, archetype, and other qualities too numerous to mention (and not in any order), by an unofficial committee of tasters who are open to suggestions (and other) from the audience at the AA meeting that follows the potluck. This is an invitation to come enjoy potluck, to enter a PIE and perhaps win the prestigious RIBBON, to comfortably enjoy an AA meeting on a full stomach, and to help revive our annual pie festivity.

Please announce this event and invitation to all the meetings you attend between now and March 16th and invite everyone to come back out and enjoy our AA Fellowship.

Note that potluck begins at 5:00, and the AA meeting at 6:30PM. Extra credit for bringing your own fork and plate, and for cleaning up afterwards. For you entrants, more credit for providing your own pie slicer and a label.
Good Luck!

*Hotdog and bun pie with cheese topping and ‘kraut side could be a favorite.

Download flyer here